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I worked in daycare centers for many years and I believe this is where I contracted Blastocysistis Hominis infection which is a parasite. However, my GP insisted for over a decade, that I had IBS. A special request has to be made for the test for Blasto and after researching the internet I concluded that I probably had this infection. At this point I was I constant pain at work and had deteriorated to constant diarrhea. I asked my doctor, a different doctor at the time if I could be tested. She complied and she was amazed when the test came back positive for Blasto. She then proceeded to treat it with Bactrim which wiped out my microbiome and led to a month of chronic watery diarrhea (mornings only). I had to go to emergency at a local hospital and requested Flagyl, which I had researched to be effective against C Diff. They argued that C Diff hadn’t shown up on the tests but they agreed to give me the Flagyl because it is prescribed for Blasto. I proceeded to take it and saw a complete improvement overnight from watery diarrhea to a formed BM. Gaining confidence in my own medical intuition at this point I would, in future, pulse dose with Flagyl whenever there was a relapse, which there was. Getting no help from the medical community I treated myself. Soon afterwards I was advised by a naturopathis doctor that high doses of probiotics would work also so I increased to 400 billion IU daily and relied less upon Flagyl. Thirteen years have passed and I am still trying to control this condition. I have had 3 colonoscopies. One was a sigmoidoscopy and a polyp was removed. Other than this the GI doctor was unable to find anything and rediagnosed me with IBS. I have been unable to get Rifaxamin and if it hadn’t have been for the Flagyl I don’t know what would have happened to me. I will be 70 this year.

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