Ten years ago I was diagnosed rectal cancer.

I had my rectum removed (St Mark´s Hospital, London), did quimioterapy, radiotherapy and had an ileostomy (bag) which was suposed to be temporary but because I would have a severe faecal incontinence I was advised to keep the bag and five years later have a permanent colostomy.

Fortunately 8 years after I decided to remove my bag, encouraged by another doctor, which I did. First three weeks was a nightmare, couldn’t leave the toilet.

Afterwards I tried to put some water in the rectum with the water pressure from the hose shower. Worked like a dream for 12 hours. My doctor told me that it would be a good strategy and advised me to also try some Imodium.

After three months I found that a deep water irrigation in the morning with the hose shower and 2 Imodium would last for more than 24 hours, without any kind of leakage, regarding I would eat carefully, avoiding fibres and other nutrients that are not recommended for my situation.

Bottom line, I have a severe faecal incontinence due to rectum removal and anal muscular malfunction but the daily irrigation made this problem be completely irrelevant. Well, I need to pass 45 minutes daily in this procedure, but so what?

So if you have faecal incontinence, even though is severe, maybe you can live your life normally, as I do, without problems. Well, this just works because of my discipline, if I eat what I know is bad for me it becomes a nightmare. Fortunately I keep myself under control and I’m always learning.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to e-mail me,
Best wishes

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