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I’ve read these stories on here, and it seems many with IBS get a lot of the same things happening. From reading these posts, its not just me that has these same issues with the explosive urgency as soon as you step out of the car. All you can do is prepare, wear a diaper with a panty cover thing. The other issue I had for a while and had to get treated for was major bloating. This also caused another condition I had to research about; pelvic muscle dysfuntion, and your parts (internal and external) get moved around. It’s bad enough to have to wear diapers when out shopping etc, but the shifting of parts down further south from the pelvic muscle straining, makes things even worse. All the data online is all about female conditions from this, but I can’t find anything or much on male conditions, such as your parts moving further down south. It makes it bad if you have diarrhea in a diaper, and now, you have your stuff “tea-bagging” down there. Not sure what to do about this parts shift that occured, or trying to urinate while standing without making a mess. Anyone else have this symptom? What did you do about it?

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