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About 7 years ago I was so sick, I looked like I was ready to have triplets. I was in terrible pain, was nautious and vomiting. I went to my GI and he started performing all these test. Then one day I was asked to bring two pieces of buttered toast for my next test, they provided the hard boil egg that had some kind of mechanism in it where the tech could take pictures every 15 minutes for two hours and actually see where the egg was moving through my digestive system. Well the egg did not move.
About 3 weeks after that I got very sick I was vomiting all the time, very nautious and extremely weak. The doctor put me on probiotics and promethazine tabs to help the vomiting and nausea. The only problem was I bringing up the medicine. So we went to shots of promethizine, I believe I did this for 2 years and my skin on my back side looked like someone put cigarettes out on it. My doctor put me on IV promethizine because my vomiting and nausea were still and every day occurrence, at least 3 times a day, in addition he put me on IV fluids because I was dehydrated. For the past 6.90 years I have living on liquids (home made healthy smoothies) and I have just tried spoonfuls of yogurt. I have lost over 70 pounds and I need help fast, I am very sick. To top it off I had two mini (TIA’s) strokes within 6 weeks. Is there a doctor who can help me?

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