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Don’t know where to start for years i have urge to go poop and need to find a toilet fast, then the urinary urge came along too for the past 8 years too, the 2 years have been miserable for me my urge to poop had gotten so bad i would run to find a toilet i would make a mess completely miss the toilet but hey atleast it wasn’t in my pants as time progressed it gotten worse, now on my commute home i would use the restroom first which i thought i was safe then i was wrong there was no bathroom for over 25 miles and i got the urge i squeezeing my butt cheekes sweat dripping from my face driving fast atlast made it to the bathroom took one step out of the car and had a explosion thankfuly no one was home hurried inside cleaned up did a load of laundry thought that was a one time deal but from there on started to happen more had to secretly wear diapers on my commute to and from work having accidents several times a week hard thing to hide from your husband, now the fun part the urine urgency progressed worse with the fecal urgency i would just have to run to the bathroom every 5 mins seemed like couldn’t hold my pee anymore would be on a call at my and try to hold it and i would wet my self so embarrassing started to wet the bed , then something happened felt like something was falling out of my vagina then one day i pooping then on my backend felt like that fell into my vagina and from then on i can not poop anymore its the opposite now i can’t poop for anything take several supplements and its a real struggle to poop it get stuck and leaks onto my panties all the time enough was enough finally seen a urogynecolgist and they sent me to pt which has helped me with my pee i can hold it but unfortunately my prolaspe isn’t severe enough for surgery i honestly hate it my bladder at times for a few days is completely poking out of my vagina and rubs so uncomfortable but honestly don’t know what to do so frustrated

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