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As I sit here in my college classroom, grasping and rubbing my poor belly, I just want to cry. I have had IBS since I was in fifth grade. It has progressively gotten worse. I am now in my twenties and fear this painful quality of life will last forever. I wish I had helpful advise to give, but I am only full of suffering. I can’t concentrate on school when I’m in pain. If I eat at school, I know I’ll get painful cramps, but if I don’t I can’t eat for hours (8-3)! I feel stuck and desperate. The doctors are no help. It’s like they don’t care at all. If I was in any other kind of pain, they would give me something, but because it is ibs, I should “just deal with it”. What a messed up concept! I hope I won’t live like this forever…back to trying to pay attention to class…

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