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I started getting problems with reflux in 2014, I would get the usual heart burn after eating certain types of acid forming foods which became frequent, i used to drink alcohol and spicy foods. the problem progressed to central/upper chest pain which I first thought was a heart attack. The doctor prescribed 20mg Omeprezol (PPI) and told me to reduce drinking and try changing my diet. Like everyone here (i hope), I’m only human, so giving into a doughnut, fry up or a fizzy drink from time to time was innevitable, most of the time i can handle fatty foods, or a sugary snack on the weekend, but sometimes more recently even with my 20mg Omeprezol I started to get the dreaded pain, once it starts you know it’s not going away soon.

I have three methods of reducing the pain to 0 , you can do all at the same time, this method will reduce inflamation and accidity in your stomach. 

Step 1. Squeeze a little lemon juice into a glass and add warm water, don’t worry lemon and water becomes alkaline in your tummy. this works by increasing PH levels but without the burping like soda or antacids make you do. (burping after your esophagus has been damaged by acid bypassing your LES is what i think causes the chest pain to get worse, because it expands the damaged organ. Well that is my theory and the evidence for me is strong.

Step 2. Ginger and lemon tea – leave the tea bag in to make it strong and after its brewed a while then add some cold water to make it warm, just take little sips and see how it works. If you don’t have ginger lemon tea bags you can just boil up some fresh ginger, which may even work better. The reason ginger tea works is because it reduces inflamation pretty quickly.

Step 3. My magic cure – If you still have pain, this is my magic cure, it’s not recorded much anywhere on the internet as far as i can see, no one really talks about this, so here it is…… apply Chinese Tiger balm to your chest, under your ribs and down towards your stomach – wash your hands after as it can get in your eyes. For me it seems to work very quickly to reduce inflamation and pain.

I think the ultimate way to get rid of GERD is to loose weight, stop drinking, smoking, and have smaller meals spread out through the day and don’t eat passed 8pm.

Dr Berg reccomends having apple cider vinegar before meals and he even claims this may fi your problem as it could be that your stomach producing too little acid while on PPI and somewhere this balances your tummy. Have a look for Dr berg on youtube, he has very interesting discussions on this subject and he himself had the disease.



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