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I have had night time acid reflux ( GERD) for about 20 years. I was able to control it off and on with PPIs and all of the usual tips like not eating before bed and elevating my bed but nothing had been working for my recently. The trouble with elevating the head of my bed is that I would wind up sliding down the bed or laying cross wise and that wasn’t working for me. I am sharing this story because I found the cure recently when I bought a motorized adjustable bed. I have the remote control at hand and if I wake up with gerd I immediately hit the button to raise the head of the bed a little and also the legs and feet and in a few minutes gravity drains the acid down to my stomach and I am good to go. It has really saved me. I also take Gascon before bed as a little insurance. I am not advocating any brand names there are reasonably priced adjustable beds. I paid about $650 for mine from Amazon (twin XL size). I hope I can help someone else. I had almost lost hope until I got my motorized bed. Also I have never slept so well in a long time. Best regards!

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