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I am 35 year old woman and have been struggling with IBS for the last 15 years .it all started just like gas problem.i farted during a class session. So much of embarrassment. Those days I had some huge stress in my life ..some life changing events like I moved to a hostel for my studies..I was too much homesick and new atmosphere was stressing me out . Thus it all started.. I consulted so many doctors and hospitals .I tried ayurveda homeopathy and only thing that has helped me till now is yoga. whenever I do yoga,it agreavates my GERD..but reduces farts and gas issues.

I read an article in Google saying some navel displacement causes IBS. so body alignment matters.. I found sitting straight helps. And yoga.

I eat very less food now and it has helped me a lot .I don’t eat breakfast and I eat lunch very little. evening I try to eat at the earliest maybe by 6 o’clock. by the time I go to bed the food will be digested.

Morning i make sure that I empty the bowels properly . For that I drink lot of water.

afternoons after having lunch it starts again .it’s like bloating and I get scared if I will fart in front of my colleagues. So I visit toilet many times.. afternoon sessions I cannot focus much on my work.

I often imagine how different life would have been if I could cure this embarrassing condition.

We all are fighters..

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