I started feeling sick about 6 month before the pandemic hit. Unfortunately, my symptoms are virtually identical to Covid symptoms, and I had never heard of acid reflux or GERD before. I got a chronic cough, and post nasal drip, initially. After close to a year, I went to an emergency room and was diagnosed with acid reflux and prescribed ppi. They worked, but I was concerned about staying on them long term, so I lost weight, and it seemed like it was pretty much gone. Then Omicron hit, and I developed a chronic sore throat and nausea, loss of appetite. I finally went to see a doctor, and she told me that these were symptoms of GERD, and that I needed to go back on the ppi ‘s. That was a couple of days ago. I have also been reading about dietary changes, and am implementing those, too.. I am sick of feeling sick! Tonight I wrecked a successful, pain free day, by overeating a dessert by a couple of mouthfuls in the evening. Just goes to show that even small slips in the evening can make you feel terrible! I am hoping that within a week of being back on my meds, I see drastic improvement.

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