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Well where do I start. Its been a very long road for me and my illness. I started getting sick at 16 years old very close to 17 years old. I am now 26 and it has not been very easy. With my illness and my family upbringing.. it was a huge factor in everything I have been through. First off I must say I moved out at a young age due to both my parents using methamphetamine. I left at the age of 15 and started getting sick before I turned 17. I had to fend for myself and had no clue what to do. I did get a studio rental and started my life but always struggling. I worked my first job at a fast food place called El Pollo Loco in big bear California. I was 17 and so excited to fend for myself I worked for a couple years but also dealing with random mornings of getting sick continuously and not stopping through out the day. I was in the emergency room at least 3 times a week with constant vomiting. The worst part is they never had any answer just gave me fluids and sent me home. I have been through so many trials and dealt with so many doctors that told me there was nothing wrong with me or nothing they couldn’t find anything. I was even told I couldn’t have any children because I was so malnourished from not being able to eat anything without getting sick. Thank goodness I got blessed with a beautiful baby girl in 2017 but it has never been easy i had to be monitored every 2 weeks of my pregnancy. I prayed every day and i had a beautiful baby girl full term with no complications that changed my life. 9 doctors later and moving to a different state i found my answer and I have learned I have gastroparesis. What most people do not know is that it is a life time condition that has no cure but is manageable for most. I have tried everything and beyond and it doesn’t work for me but I also deal with contributing factors such as liver disease, pelvic floor disnoshia, kidney issues due to malnutrition, seizures, high anxiety, depression, and many more.. the best part though is i have found happiness finally and a way of managing a normal life… i thought to myself for so many years what is it like to live a normal life… maybe normal isn’t a good word because I fully believe imperfection is beauty… and I am damn sure imperfect… I really have been through to much at a young age but would love to be an advocate or share story to see if it helps anyone out there in the world that feels like they are misunderstood. Things are hard but you decide you own perception of the world and your life. I would love to make it a better one.

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