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im so sad as its hard for me to write long as I have awful EDS hands but I thought I had sent a long story about my suffering with gastroparis not eaten for 6 months stomach and groin pain so bad iv bn rushed to hospital many times I take a very high dose of morphine for my EDS and because I can’t tolerateANY food not even liquid food I’m waitin to see a gastro surgeon nxt month I spent most of my young years in hospital as it didn’t many laxatives I was takin I didn’t go to the toilet for over 5 month iv had awful anal dialations but I finally went to a lovely doctor who said I was suffering from bad malnutrition he put me on some awful gloppy food and anti sickness tablets I can’t even rest a pen in my lips while contracting when writing something without heavy I’m now starting to loose my weight at half a stone weekly I feel any food I won’t ever be able to swallow again iv had barium meals camera down and they did say something but my go said when people have been on your meds for long times they devolve this gastroparis iv wanted to take my own life as I’m sick week and try to sleep a lot is this surgeon not never seeing me before look at me and think ashes a good weight iv always bn a size 10 but went up to 13 but now it’s dropping off at half stone a week I sleep more times on my bathroom floor I think if I just took all my meds I could b free of this does any body wonder what this surgeon was to do thx hope my message gets through this time please help my new friends x

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