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I have just been diagnosed with IBS with diarrhea. I have been sick every 2 weeks since May of this year. It all stated with a bout of salmonella…I am currently living in Mexico because my husband has been transferred here for what was supposed to be 2 years and we are now going on year 4. As I said this round started in May with a bout of salmonella,then parasites and on and on. Truthfully I have had trouble with diarrhea since I had my gallbladder removed in 2005. In the early time after that I had severe dumping syndrome. I still do always go after I eat,I take lots of Imodium if I plan to go out and use to take 10-12 just to go to work. I am severely stressed and am not satisfied with my diagnoses or treatment. I wanted to know if any of you feel nauseous when you are having an attack? Mine starts with 10 trips to the bathroom and then progresses to lots of cramping,burping and then the nausea which always follows with dry heaving and gagging . This is the part I can’t handle..this is the part that sends me into a whirlwind of nervousness and unbelievable anxiety. I have asked for anti anxiety drugs and have been denied ..being told that I don’t need them right now..all I can say is who,is a better candidate for some anxiety help than a person who is only well 1 week out of the month and then I can’t enjoy that week because I’m waiting to become sick again?? I have also been diagnosed with diverticulosis. I would love to hear from any of you that have found medications that work.i want control of my life back and I know All of you understand how I feel. The doctors look at me as if I have nothing better to do so I’m there to play with them,it’s very demeaning. My husband is getting tired of having a sick wife…I refuse to go out to eat anymore because of the salmonella,parasite issues. Thank you all for listening and I gladly welcome any of your help,advice or whatever you have to offer. Thanks,J

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