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I have had ibs for nearly 40 yrs, I feel it’s taken a large part of my life. I really feel it had a huge impact on my marriage. My husband never understood how I felt, he used to say I imagined everything. I am a widow none , but don’t think I could cope meeting anyone new. My symptoms became alot worse after having my gallbladder removed in 2015, I remember the consultant saying to me it would probably stop the IBS. More fool me for believing him. I am sick to death of all the tests I have had over the yrs. The last test was about 3yrs ago I had a sigmoidoscopy, and was told I also had diverticulosis and Bile and acid reflux. I do feel sometimes that life isn’t worth living like this everyday. You would think after all theses yrs I would be used to it, but I have never been able to accept IBS or how to begin accepting.

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