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Many of the great notables of our day would defend the widely used verb-age we all know is true “knowledge is power”, even scripture teaches us this. I have had to force myself to make drastic changes in lifestyle and diet, including staying informed and realizing “I am my best advocate”. Even Hippocrates stated “all diseases begin in the gut”…I armed myself with this knowledge and went head long into my Dr’s office ready to share what I’ve been researching…Her words were not only shocking but self-deflating as well. She replied as if speaking to a 5yo child “stop reading things on the internet”. I nearly walked out on the spot but right now for various reasons, I need her. If Hippocrates realized such simplicity then why are so many GP’s clueless as to how to treat this disease?. I’ve been raging war with my gut since age 15. Many episodes left me paralyzed to go anywhere or eat anything and it is humiliating and embarrassing and emotional, tears welling up from all the pain and unknown’s…coming from all fronts and just about every area of my life has been affected greatly from friends, loved ones, Dr’s, potential dates and even opportunities to travel and fulfill my dream of college. It is so frustrating to the core when u are a motivated, organized well put together person only to watch from chair-side or bed while in excruciating pain, your eyes slowly rolling over your environment which isn’t fit for anyone to visit, and in no way I would care to be living in, witnessing first hand and slowly forcing the acceptance that your life has drastically changed and is crumbling all around you. I have tried all avenues, seen all kinds of Dr’s, had all kinds of test’ done and still no clear reason why such horrible pain and discomfort has plagued me all these years. For months I was confined to lying down on my back as this was the only position I could get any real measure of relief from my constant pain and bloated discomfort, which in turn, makes your muscles softer and weaker and less muscle mass/tone will be the result. People look at me and say, “well-you don’t look sick”…how does one respond to that? Lately, I learned to say, “Oh, it’s okay” but without a doubt my biggest frustration is with my Dr’s who want to keep passing the buck and pawing me off to some other Dr to figure things out. I have read numerous articles on “Leaky Gut” and would like to share with you all that this could be a good starting off point for your researching about how to heal the gut, but be forewarned, most Dr’s will laugh or say “what is that”…Colostrum capsules are a supplement that has properties that will heal a leaky gut, seal up your intestines so your body will be better able to perform…your absorption levels will increase and you will begin to take in nutrients…but, as a firm believer in this product, no healing can begin in the gut unless your first close up the holes…GP’s don’t know jack about this, “leaky gut syndrome” do your homework and study like Hippocrates say’s…healing begins in the gut! I suffer from IBS-C…i have gone days, as much as an entire week without evacuation. I was hooked on laxatives for months suffering in agonizing pain. I tried to walk but couldn’t bc the pain was so unbearable and i felt like I was carrying lead bricks. Spasms, Bloating, Cramps, Gas that never seems to want to get out of me, nauseated most all the time, poor appetite, depression, and anxiety…panic attacks from Hell! And Dr’s glare at you like a deer in the headlights, or dazed and confused like your speaking some foreign language. I believe it must be in our water/food/packaging or possible even microwave use…these are all areas worthy of exploring. Something somewhere is causing people to be sick. Remember, You are your own best advocate! One day I spent hours looking a labels in the grocery store and some ingredients I could never pronounce…so it’s no surprise were all so sick.

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