I had PID and that infection spread to create an abdominal abscess. Had hysterectomy & intestinal adhesions corrected(taken out & cut apart as they were all stuck together) Since then, it’s been heartburn every day. Started w/onions & sugar triggering it. I was 35. Now 63 & every food causes “on fire” sweating, painful heartburn within 30 minutes. I’ve had testing, all comes back normal. So frustrating, I fear eating at all, but an empty stomach means heartburn too! The Nexium, Prilosec, any of those meds have no effect.I chew countless antacids, usually about 3-4 am. AlkaSeltzer like it’s soda & all are temporary relief, like for an hour. It’s just great to watch Dr’s throw up their hands with an “I don’t know, can’t find anything wrong” along with $ just wasted -I can save the $ and just tell myself “I don’t know.” I know it has to be related to the initial abscess, are Dr’s afraid I might sue if they tell me? I wouldn’t, I just want some relief. I thought maybe allergies, but that would mean I’m allergic to all foods, initially caused by a surgery? Doesn’t quite sound right. Good luck to all out there trying to put out the fire!

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