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Since I was 42 and broke my spine. I have had cauda equina syndrome. But… I have every day diarrhoea from ten to 20 times a day. I have tried a diet low in histamines . Have tried fodmap. Avoid gluten and dairy. Proboscis. And nothing helps. If I need to go I get one seconds notice. And run. Have been incontinent of faeces hundreds of times in my underwear. Colonoscopy showed no polyps or Cancer. And since ny last colonoscopy I have mild diverticulitis in the sigmoid . My GP just doesn’t seem to care. I can’t go camping. Or to see friends in other parts of Australia. And I want to go to Bali for a two week vacation. Lots of bile. Have soiled myself while driving about ten times. One seconds notice. I just want to get this under control. I will meet my friends places.But only a few times a year. In case I shit myself and don’t have to sit in their car. I’m 62 now. If this keeps going much longer I feel I will end my life. My daughter has nothing to do with me because of this problem.

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