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Hi there, i guess its good to know i’m not the only one that suffered from IBS, i had all the symptoms since in my 20’s, but never to this point now where i need to stay home due to pain. Anyways the last 6 months,has been life changing for me. after being diagnosis of Lupos, i had to change my whole diet to better so i can live longer, lol. I been taking probiotics twice a day, and stop taking pain killers,even otc medicine can trigger my ibs, even drinking water can trigger ibs, stress, processed food. So i been clean from all that processed, dairy, red meat, no coffee, no sugars. I been juicing every morning, I have to say its helps a lot and i exercise 4x a weeek. i feel so much better, although i have lupus but diet really help balance me out. Try to eliminate all the processed food for 3 months and you will feel great, then gradually put the processed food back in and you’ll see the difference. Good luck, take care of your body is the only place we have to live in.

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