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My name is Hank, I just turned 69, I have had heartburn/Acid Reflux/Gerd most of my adult life. I would wake some nights when acid would reflux into my esophagus and go into my lungs. At times I could not even breathe until I was able to force the acid out of my lungs, then it took hours of trying to get the acid from my lungs before I was able to go back to sleep, the taste was awful.

I was young and really thought nothing of it, just figured it was from what I had for supper, or maybe too much beer to drink, but it continued for years before I finally saw a Dr. in my 40’s.

He just ordered a barium x-ray, and I was told I had a hiatal hernia, & was put on nexium.  I quit drinking, smoking and lost weight and watched what I  ate, but when I was around 60 The heartburn returned so now my Dr. ordered an Upper endoscopy, and sure enough I was told I had Barrett’s Esophagus.

I did a lot of reading about this Barrett’s Esophagus & had to go every year for an Upper endoscopy & biopsy. Of course I am the type of person who thinks the worst of things & thought it would turn to cancer.

This went on for about 6 years all the worry especially when it was time for the Scope & biopsy until the last one I had the Dr. told me that the B.E. was completely gone, he could not explain why.

So all those years of worries were for nothing.  But I told the Dr. why the B.E. was gone, it was because the Lord healed my esophagus, he smiled & said you could be right, but I believe that is exactly what happened there is NO doubt in my mind.

I’m NOT telling you to stop seeing your Dr. you SHOULD continue to see him “I still see mine” and do as he tells you, I’m just sharing MY story.

I would not call myself a real religious person, but I do believe the Lord does heal.  My Mother was a Pastor before she passed away.

She was MY Pastor, and I witnessed for myself people being healed when she anointed them with oil and everyone prayed, unfortunately she was not here to anoint and pray for my healing so I prayed for myself.

If you are reading this and you have B.E. that has gotten worse or any other health problems you can pray and ask the Lord to heal you and BELIEVE THAT HE WILL you may also be healed, ask in Jesus Name.

I know some people who are reading this are thinking “This guy is a quack Holy Roller” but believe me I’m not I am just as normal as everyone else.

Well that’s my story I just felt so blessed that the Lord healed me I felt I had to share my testimony for the glory of the Lord!

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