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So I had this Gerd which was LES. My sphincter was not closing. I did all the otc, rx meds etc. Barium swallow. Two drs in the same office said two different things..too much acid and the other said too little acid. Like what. I follows Chris Kessler, I used litmus paper a dr in Canada sent me with a 3 day diet that I cannot remember. It was 9 yrs ago. Well 3 weeks ago I got stressed and its back with a vengeance. I did all the antacids, according, aloe drink, losing weight..everything. I read on an old forum and a guy said he took his gabapentin and it stopped. I took one last night I had for my back injury and have barely had any cough. I took absolutely nothing else. Now I am going to research the correlation. I will continue doing the natural stuff to heal my sphincter and the breathing exercise. 

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