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Hi im 33 years old, im a mom and a wife. Ive honestly had acid relux since i was 16, i can always remember burping up after eating, but it never caused pain or anything. When i was having my kids, it turned into undiagnosed Gerd, but also caused heart palpitations because it always happened when i was having acid. I took prilosec otc and it cured itself, and only once in a while i would have a flare up.i havent always eaten the best but i am very balanced with healthy nutritious and some fast food. This year my stress got worse and my other health issues. I was stressing so much about my health and problems i didnt have that it caused the worst anxiety ive ever had in my life and i developed excruciating esophageal pain from my gerd, that i hardly ate for a week and i ended up going to ER from becoming malnourished. They did all my labs and chest Xray and i ended up being all normal and good. I was very thankful for those results. The doctor put me on Nexium and it has helped me heal a lot, but it hasnt stopped some acid reflux and some throat discomfort that triggers my anxiety and i just feel awful. I also still feel stomach bloat that puts pressure on my diaphragm and i feel more labored to breathe, i perfer to be in cold air because when i go in warm i get so anxious and terrified. I have been terrified to eat anything, and to eat with my family or at restaurants in public. This has just changed my life, i feel it has ruined it. I cry so much everyday, i feel so alone in this. I know there are others out there who suffer as much as i am suffering, thats why i needed to tell my story. Is there anyone else out there who also is suffering with terrible anxiety along side with gerd or any gastrointestinal issues?

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