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My childhood, no bowel problems. However, as I got older, here they came. First, I would be normal in my bathroom routine, then one day, it was like someone turned off a switch in my gut. I was constipated, then I’d suffer for a few weeks, then things would return to normal. I went to a gastro doctor, who prescribed Amitiza, which worked wonders for a few years, then it stopped. Then they prescribed Linzess, which worked for a time, then it stopped. The constipation was so bad, I developed hemorroids, You haven’t lived until you get bandings. Pain, pain, pain. I changed gastro doctors, and was given Motegrity, which did nothing. I had so many tests ran, with nothing to report. I tried fodmap foods, hypno-thera. py, etc., with NO positive results. Colonoscopies, showed nothing. Went to a dietician, who put me on a bone broth diet for 6 weeks, almost died. I lost 60 pounds, now i’m a walking skeleton. Finally got back on solid foods, got horribly constipated, because my body was not used to solid foods, went to the hospital to get cleaned out. Today, I take so many pills, from stool softeners, to magnesium to go poo. I am really sick of the doctors jerking my chain, I feel sick most of the time. Constipation should be my first name. I am so tired of living this crappy life.

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