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I am a 34 year old female and really relate to every story I have read.  The doctors I have seen don’t know what to do with me.  I saw the “best” GI Dr. in the area and he said go to the Mayo Clinic.  I went 14 days without a bm.  I have had to rely on epsom salts to get my gi tract moving.  When prescribed the Goletly drink usually used as a prep for a colonoscopy I vomited it all up.  When nurses were sent to the house to give me a soap suds enema I retained all the fluid.  This is beyond unacceptable.  Nearly every time I eat anything (which is VERY healthy) my stomach swells so I look as if I am carrying twins.  I have always had some type of GI issue but nothing compares to this.  I am a thin woman with a stomach the size of a middle aged end stage alcoholic.  I am in terrible pain all the time.  I live in pain due to an accident and have a fusion at L4-L5 so I really know pain.  This is as bad as spinal pain.  The doctors I have seen have said to push laxatives as much as possible.  This is not a solution.  My partner sleeps next to me and I am humiliated as I lose control of my bowels in the middle of the night. Thankfully she understands and is hoping for proper treatment. I cannot make plans to do anything because I can swell so much I literally need three sizes up from my normal size.  This happens sometimes with just water.  No one has provided me with any long term solution.  I am going to a teaching hospital near me next month as I cannot afford to bring myself physically or financially to the Mayo Clinic.  I am totally humiliated and sick all of the time.  I want to note that I am a highly motivated positive person. However, this unresolved condition is brining me down. As others have said I am afraid to eat anymore. I am getting to the point where I am eating next to nothing and relying on vitamins to keep me well.  If another Dr. implies that stress is the issue I am going to bring my sheets in.  I am not very stressed.  I am hoping for a solution for all of us.  This is so humiliating and disruptive. I send all of you positivity in my meditations.  I do want to say that I started taking dandelion root and it helps a bit with the swelling as it is a natural diuretic. It is my highest hopes that this condition gets resolved. I am reaching out to all people suffering in silence. You are not alone. I will make sure to keep everyone apprised of my next visit. Until then best wishes and good luck.

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