I was just diagnosed with Gastroparesis about two weeks ago, I can not hold down solid foods for long. i finally got in to see the gi doctor and he sent me to take a gastric emptying study done and it said that i have a sever case of gastroparesis. he put me on medication but with only having share of cost i could not afford the medication. I also was diagnosed with h-pyloria and a hernia and an ulcer at the top of my small intestines. I have lost so much weight that i feel sick to look at myself. I had asked all the right questions, but got very little answers. i was told by my gi doctor to look up gastroparesis low-fiber diet and came up with 3 stages, so i called and asked what stage do i start at and he told me to experiment and i did and it looks like i can only have liquids. when i tried solids my stomach would just cramp up and i would be in so much pain. I have severe heartburn all the time so i am taking an over the counter acid reducer twice a day and i still get heartburn with spacific drinks. I am new to this i would like to know if there is someone out there that can help me with understanding this. the gi doctor does not know what caused this for me or if i will ever bounce back, please someone help me

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