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I was about 19 when I had my gall bladder out.  The sergeon said that it had merged with my liver.  With the antibiotics, I had lost my gut bacteria, and I was perpetually sick after eating for about 10 years.  My brother bought me a natural digestive cleanse, and I got a lot better.  My digestion was normal… until…

About 6 months ago, I went to a naturopathic doctor just to see if anything was up with me.  I was feeling a little light headed as I stood up.  He took my blood and told me that my heart was weak (no surprise as I’m fat, 6’2, 300 lbs, and have a desk job) and that my liver was toxic.  He put me on serapeptase and metacrin-dx for my liver.  Apart from breaking out with pimples, I was fine for a couple weeks.  Then I got sick with the flu.  It felt like I would throw up the nothing that I had eaten.  I asked my daughter to get me food, so she brought me carrots.  I was too lazy to get anything else, so I ate too many.  It felt like my stomach was clogged.  It was at that point that I felt like my heart attack-like symptoms began.  It hurt worse than any time since I’ve had GERD symptoms.  Since my natural Dr. told me my heart was weak, I worried, which made it worse.  Of course, I went to Google.  It said that if I exercise and it gets worse, go to the ER.  I did, it got better.  I looked at my feet, which didn’t look swollen.  The pain was in the center of my chest and not radiating.  I took an antacid and it got better.  I felt justified in going to my natural Dr. for the emergency, and his MD understudy said I have GERD.  They told me that I need to cut out wheat.  Half of his office didn’t eat wheat, so I thought that he probably over-prescribed that.  I got an MD second opinion at an urgent care.  They agreed that it was GERD, gave me something to slow my HCL production, and sent me home.  That helped, but didn’t fix it, so I went back to be absolutely sure it wasn’t my heart.  My regular MD took my blood and confirmed it was GERD.  He gave me a referral to a GI.  At this point, I’m torn between my natural Dr.’s path and the GI.  Maybe I’ll update this later.

Since the symptoms started, I’ve found many things that ease the pain.  Antacids when my stomach is empty, pickles when it’s full.  Leaning forward instead of lounging back helps. If I prop myself up on a big pillow on my right arm, it helps me to burp.  I bought a kneeling chair so I can lean forward.  Bending in half is bad.  I bought a juicer and started to make veggie soup, especially with cabbage, and that meal doesn’t hurt.  I cut out wheat, dairy, spicy, minty, and a few others, and that helps.  I’ve taken to eating dates. I eat less more often.  I drink lots of Naked Juice and Kern’s.  I get a lot more exercise.  I walk every day, and I do 30-50 jumping jacks after I go to the bathroom.  I’ve lost 30 pounds.  All this makes GERD about 20% pain max, and I am still looking for more ideas.

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