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I was diagnosed with UC when I was 13. Painful Cramps , Bloody stools. Hospitalized for 13 days, received blood, lost weight. I’m 49 and still living with but went in remission meany times, for years. I haven’t seen a Dr since 22yrs old. Just a few flare ups here but I try and manage myself. One day , after dealing with UC for a few weeks ….After going to the bathroom, there was so much blood, as if someone was murdered. I panicked and freaked out with my heart racing. I still didn’t go to a dr ( so embarrassing) I took a lot of Aloe Vera Capsules . After a few days it ALL went away. Currently have another flare up, for months now but this time add bowl urgency to it. WTH ! I didn’t know that was a “ thing” until reading other stories. I’ve been lucky (so far) not to use a diaper. So just Started taking some other otc meds + Aloe . Symptoms are going away ! When I stop seeing Blood… it’s over… until next time. I don’t recommend self help .. it’s just me.

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