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..Greetings fellow IBS fighters. Im 48 been suffering from anxiety and deppression for over 15 years. My first stomach issues led to endoscope showed gasthrithis stomach lining swelling. Took omerezepol i was good in 2 weeks. I started drinking and felt nausea and severe abdominal cramps. Went to E.R. had colitos so i got anti biotics that messed up my large colon which led to IBS. Had colonoscopy no cancer or khrons, ulcerative colitis. Thats great but its IBS. Its been 2 months havent left home for fear nausea and anxiety or pain. Everyday is a challenge I lost my jobs my personality ugh. I find cannabis relieve my stress and cramps but at times may trigger my anxiety. GOD please find a remedy to cure us all.

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