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My son who is 6 year old has recently been diagnosed with GERD after they did a 24 hour PH probe test. They said it was non-acid reflux(alkaline) that was seen in the Phtest.He probably had it since he was born but was never diagnosed. He was very colicy as a infant too. We noticed that his voice started getting hoarse when he was 2 years old, but we thought it would get better with time. He’s 6 years now and voice got worse. He regurgitates everything he eats to his mouth and swallows it back. He tells me that food came to his mouth about 6-7 times a day. He has no symptoms at night. He gets it when hes standing upright too!! PH probe study showed regurgitation mostly after he eats at daytime. He did’nt have any at night time. I am very concerned about my kid. Will he ever grow out of gerd. Since food comes to his mouth, does it mean he has LPR too? They prescribed Zantac and PPI but I dont see any improvement. Doctor said since he has non-acid reflux,it might not help much but wanted us to try and see if his voice gets better. We dont see any change in regurgitation or hoarseness. He’s never complained of stomach pain or heart burn. He has major trouble swallowing…Keeps chewing forever and says theres something stuck in his throat. I am worried that its something that’s hereditary as my husband has had GERD lifelong. It started when he was 4 years old and continued all through with similar symptoms as my son. He’s 36 years old now and has been recently diagnosed with “Barretts with mild Dysplasia”. I am concerned about my husbands health and now seeing my son with the same symptoms breaks my heart.I am so worried that he will end up with barretts too like his Dad. Anyone with similar expiriences/Advice/opinion?

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