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I have IBS (diarrhoea)and this rather nasty ‘propensity’ of experiencing embarrassing (sometimes explosive) diarrhoea ‘incursions’. many times I have worn light coloured (even white painter’s pants and have been rather unfortunate to have been at the wrong place and wrong time in encountering these fast acting sudden and most unexpected accidents of the runs in public (not knowing where the nearest loo would be at.
Well this was it! Despite the warm winter days, I had gotten an idea. As I live in a suburb, Townsville, I was with my partner en route to Brisbane Airport for a flight to Perth as to visit a mutual friend, when I suddenly had a most embarrassing accident on QR City Train. We got off the next stop Nambour near Brisbane proper and I was one embarrassing mess.
So I decided to start as they are so popular anyway to wear black jeans. The trick is that black is least likely to show any spillage in them (only two drawbacks, one is the possibility of odour and secondly, there has been instances that my diarrhoea had been so voluminous that it would trickle out below the leg bottoms and onto the floor or ground by my feet. But it has saved many public spectacles, I must say.
So I would definitely recommend wearing black jeans (despite acting like solar heater during winter months, as they go with virtually anything and have become increasingly popular. They are durable and easy to wash. Any mess would be contained and least likely to show publically.

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