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I have had IBS symptoms since a child, or young teenager. I first noticed symptoms (immediate diarrhea) on the first day of a new school, or moving from elementary to middle and from middle to highschool, taking my driving test etc. These were high stress situations for me. During my high school years, anytime I would sneak out or lie to my parents diarrhea would come on immediately. I thought it was my conscience telling me to behave. Then in my mid twenties, I began to have mild GERD symptoms, which increased quickly to intense reflux before 30. The early 30’s brought on routine constipation. I was put on reflux (GERD) meds, but only told to take fiber supplements for the constipation. I finally put myself on probiotics. Probiotics were a game changer for me, since I suffered from severe “trapped” gas. The bloating was super painful. The constipation still remained even with probiotics. I began to experiment with natural remedies when the fiber supplements never really worked, only contributed to my gas. I tried drinking aloe vera juice which made no change. I tried coconut water, no help. I found a juice called plum smart and that did help me go, but near accidents were a problem. It was difficult to control. I finally was advised at a health food store to try a Chelated Magnesium supplement (miracle relief). This has me going regulary, and w/o diarrhea. I take 400mg per day. I had my magnesium levels checked to make sure I wasn’t over dosing, and they were normal. Magnesium can affect your kidneys, and no one with kidney issues should use it. My regimen is fiber cereal in the am, apple/nuts snack, Chelated magnesium, probiotic, stool softner (hemorrhoids from constipation), and Nexium. I hope this helps someone.

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