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I used to be 100% healthy before i was 20. Then i started using lots of heavy drugs for a few years and abusing them got me a little confused but i managed to keep some balance..tho one day someone lied to me and i ended up taking 5 times more amphetamines (derivative) than i wanted to and the next day i woke up with acid relux symptoms (my guess is the nervous stress caused by this insane dose of stimulants triggered a hiatal hernia.. and thats what they found after an endoscopy. Anyway the good news is that the severe throat burn caused by the avid reflux (+ nasty ecigarettes and normal cigarettes) made me quit ALL drugs including cigarettes.. Everything. its only been one year of on and off mild stomach burns and xontinious throat burn so ill see how it goes with anti-acids and PPIs and natural herbal cures.. also im.confident that lifestyle changes (more sport, vegeterian organic food) and yoga, qigong and other healing practices will enable me to heal my throat, oesophagus and limit/stop the acid reflux so that i can function again as a normal person and follow my dreams and by happy. note: my burns and reflux havent stoped me from doing sport or studying.

🙂 ill update this in a few years probably. May you all find peace, remember that we can trust Life in spite of how it all appears To us, theres nothing to fear and everything to explore, these challenges make us stronger and enable us to become conscious of the neglected aspects of ourselves.

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