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IBS-C started in the summer of 1975 and I was hospitalized for 3 days in which I endured both upper and lower tests, and the doctor attributed the problem to stress; so I stopped driving taxi on the night shift, changed my diet, cut out alcohol, and went back to school.
When I returned to driving taxi in 1982 none of the problems returned until one early–morning in the winter of 2005 I could not get off the toilet, and I started having Diarrhea every morning lasting for at least 8 episodes at least 4 days a week, and I took everything to try and stop the flow, and the only stoppage came is when the bowel emptied, and then I would try and sneak up on some food.
I went to the VA ER numerous times and the ER Docs finally made an appointment for the GI Clinic, and I hd to wait 2 months for the visit; and, so in and out of the Clinic and I was tested for everything like I am allergic to milk, citrus and lactose intolerant.
I was given Riffaiaxcin and it works great for 21 days I felt like I was 21 years old again; and the same thing happened with Ciproflaxin, but the Docs say they could not keep me on the drug because they did not want me to be dependent on the drug, not to mention, of course, that Riffa is 800 dollars a prescription.
Finally, the Docs gave me a Low Carbo diet to adhere to, and that has been my salvation.
I quit smoking over 6 years ago, and I don’t drink, and I don’t eat any food fry cooked in oil; no garlic; no Asian food except Pho; no fast food; nothing I am allergic to; just broiled and baked and bland.
Consequently, I still have Diarrhea once or twice a month “just because.”
But, this diet is a godsend for me as I could return to work part-time, and I can go to converts and movies and, maybe, a date without being embarrassed.

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