I am a 51 year old woman. As a child (think 3 grade or so), I had constant constipation. Eventually, after a few years, it called itself down and I had a normal high school and college life (except what they thought was an ulcer, have since found out it was hiatal hernia). But then I graduated from college and the real world took it’s toll. At 27 I was diagnosed with IBS. Every thing I ate went right through me in about 25 minutes or so. The doctors tried several anti-spasmodics which would work for a period, then not at all. I began keeping a log of everything I ate at the recommendation of my psychologist. Over time I learned some of the triggers, such as crowds, waiting in lines, dating, movies, and many many foods – all were removed from my life. I basically became a hermit and found even getting to work difficult. I take imodium daily (under doctor supervision) but sometimes that still does not work. If I want to go to a musical or concert, my only recourse is to not eat for 2 days before the event. I have recently found out I have an allergy to soy and removing that and all pre-packaged foods has helped, but I’m still very limited in what I can eat and life in general

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