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In March, 2015 I became ill with symptoms that were flu-like and resulted in aches and pains, and a fever. After a couple of days my bowel movements stopped and gas pressure and bloating became acute. I went to the ER and they did a cat scan, which showed an intestinal blockage. The Dr. said was that the blockage was caused by adhesions that had formed near the Ileum from my appendicitis operation 45 years ago.
What I thought was IBS (and I recall now that the symptoms started shortly after my appendix was removed) was actually a constriction. Every few days I’d go through a cycle of constipation followed by diarrhea, sometimes mild, sometimes extreme. I could feel the pressure build up, then the contents would sit there for a while and soften until it was able to get through the point of constriction.
Following surgery to release the adhesions, my IBS symptoms have completely cleared up and bowel movements are normal again.
This caused me to wonder if there are other cases of misdiagnosed IBS for those who have had appendicitis or other abdominal surgery that has caused the formation of adhesions.

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