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hi, alll my life ive had good health and was able to go to the bathroom completely fine no problems, over a year ago i suddenly got really bad consiptaion, but it wasnt for a few weeks or months its all the time! My body just doesnt feel the need to go to the toilet no matter how much i eat, the only way i can relieve myself is if i have laxatives, if i dont have any laxatives i will not be able to poop!! ive been prescribed lots and lots of laxatives the only one that works for me is dulcolax but it is horrible, ive had scans and all sorts of tests and im losing my mind imonly 18 years old and this has messed with my mental health so much i feel like im in this horrible nightmare, i really wish someone can offer me some advice or anything please! my Gp seems like he doesnt have any clue, ive been hospital and have also gone private healthcare but still nothing! please someone helpppppppp

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