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Hello, i am a 40 year old male who has been struggling with IBS for about 7 years. I always had a difficult relationship with the toilet when i was a child, and as an adult struggled with incontinence well into my 30s. It was never a big deal, i just had to be vigilant. But about 7 years ago I had a major setback when experiencing OCD and intense anxiety after a period of stress at work. I had also had several months of antibiotics a few years before that related to a suspected bone infection. Over the last 7 years my symptoms have gotten worse though. I frequently have spasms, and notice a strong relationship with stress. Recently the pain has worsened and I have had cramping and trapped gas on my upper left side so much so that my rib seems to be higher or deflecting. Its been like that for many years but recenetly gotten a bit worse with worse constipation, and infrequent loose stools. I of course like many anxiety sufferers are terrified about cancer and some horrible diagnosis which only seems to make everything worse. Anyone out there have a similar experience?

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