I have dealt with constipations as long as I can remember. I am now 65 in good health apart from the fact that now I have diarrhea that can happen anytime anywhere. My husband and I moved to OK 1 year ago from CA. 2 months ago I was in a Belk Department store looking for a gift for my grand daughter and I knew I was going to loose control of my bowels. The ladies bathroom room was at the other end of the building and I was in much stress. I ran to the ladies changing room and lost control. I told a sales girl, but could not wait around to explain and ran out and drove home. 2 weeks later I get a letter form Owasso court telling me that the store has charged me. I go to court Thursday Aug 27/15/ It is bad enough that this happens to me, and now I have to explain to a judge that I am not a dirty woman but a woman with a serious problem. Thanks for listening. Barbara

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