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I’ve experienced burping and digestive problems for my entire life. All foods seem to cause it, with the exception of water. I eat vegetables and fruit and small amounts of protein daily.

Many years ago I was told by my MD that I had a hiatal hernia.

Many of the foods that I’ve attempted to switch to circumvent it have not changed anything. Still wake up in the middle of the night with burping and gas.

I’ve tried ‘dairy’, low protein, no protein, vegetarian for many years, avoided acid vegetables and fruit, the only thing that appears to help is to eat small; up to eight snacks per day and no regular meals. Not eating three hours before I sleep, keeping all foods bland.

It’s really a boring diet but if I don’t adhere to it, I wake up, feel bloated and terrible. Stress and anxiety make it worse, and a calm and peaceful life are about all that has truly helped.

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