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I am 29, Male, facing IBS, GERD from childhood.
From past 2 years, i am 100% focused to surmount this problem.
Few things that i am following and helped me reduce the suffering by 90%:
1-maintain dairy and eleminate all the trigger points food, exercises.
2-eat 5 times a day
3-have vitamin supplements like B complex and Vitamin D, since my controlled diet is not balanced.
4-finish dinner by 8pm, sleep by 10pm and wakeup early by 4:30am, drink warm plain water 1 liter try attempt to clean the bowel. do cycling or walking for 1 hr, then drink 1 lt warm plain water again attempt to clean the bowels. by now minimum 80% of my bowels will be cleaned(track from past 1 yrs), then sometimes I get a bowel movement after breakfast.
5-important, do fasting for atleast 1or 2 days per week. drink only water and 2 tsp honey every hour and nothing else(possibly on sunday, stay at home).
6-use hot leg bath for mood stabilizer
7-if there is more irritation in tummy, use hot water pack on tummy that helps to stabilize the peristalsis.

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