Just wondering if anyone else has experienced what I have. I was completely normal. I would maybe every now and then have mild heartburn at night but it was usually drinking related. Once I got pregnant in my 30’s that’s when it got bad. Heart burn and acid reflux I thought were just a pregnancy symptom never went away after I had my daughter. when I was pregnant I would get violent burps that made me throw up in my mouth. Well that didn’t go away either. whenever I eat it feels like I need to burp and I’m nauseous. I will burp violently and sometimes throw up in my mouth. Medications have not helped, I tried pantoprazole which did nothing. Was taking an acid reducer every night before bed. Tried apple cider vinegar gummies. Had a scope done and they saw irritation. Did a stomach emptying study and that was normal. 3 years later its only gotten worse. I talked to my dr again, prescribed Omeprazole. seems to help slightly. Taking 40mg 2 times a day. Got a surgical consultation for the GERD surgery. They said Im an ideal candidate given my age, health, and symptoms. I am seriously considering it. Im sick of feeling sick whenever I eat. Pregnancy can apparently cause Gerd.

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