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My age as of now is getting up there and I have to wear diapers 24/7. Since I was ten yrs old in foster care.I had a foster mother that was strickt with me and a bit embarrassing at most times .She will check me if I was wet in any situation,like in public or even at my school in front of the other kids to see.She puts me in a long sleeve full length floral dress ,like little house on the prairie dresses .I wasn’t allowed to wear pants over my bulky cloth prefold pin on diaper that has plastic shopping bag with leg holes cut in them for me to wear over the flannel layer’s that made me waddle when I walked.So even now days I still wear cloth and plastic shopping bag diaper covers that keep snug so no leaks happened.Every now and then I combine a store bought plastic diaper with cloth over it .I just won’t wear a thick and bulky diaper under my skirt when I go out around public to be noticed ,it’s that obvious to anyone that looks will notice my waddle in that diaper .even at night I can’t be brave enough in it so at home is no problem . would some one dare me to wear it around in public ,I still might chicken out 🚼👶

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