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I am a 30 year old female. I’ve been living with IBS since I was 12. Let’s just say some days feel so long when dealing with this problem. I remember as a teen waking up every night with stomach cramps. That’s how it all started. High school was a nightmare having to map out the closest route to a restroom and my mother having to talk to the principal and teachers to let them know I have to be able to leave the room at any time. Missing too many school days. College wasn’t much better. Had to suck up pain through exams and long classes. I’m sure many of you had the same experiences. A few years back my gallbladder decided to say it was through with me and I felt better for a year then all the IBS symptoms returned with a vengeance. The past two years have been horrible. Chronic gastritis and gerd to go along with the IBS. My gastro wasn’t any help. Prescribed proton pump inhibitors which made things worse. My reg doc is going to let me try Librax. I have heard good things about this drug. I hope it helps. Good Luck everyone!

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