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I was 20 years old when I first started to have symptoms of GERD. My friends mom had just gone through her first surgery for removing 70% of her esophagus from cancer and recommended I sought a professional but I put it off. After almost a year of suffering, I finally went to see a professional at age 21 when I had issues sleeping at night, coughing up acid daily, and the pain being so bad, I didn’t wanna live like that anymore. I saw 3 general doctors who ended up telling me I had to see a gastro specialist. The specialist told me my severity of what they see in 40-50 year olds. I had an upper endoscopy done which showed signs of extreme scaring and sores. I was placed on pantoprazol and have been on this for 2 years going on my 3rd year taking the highest dosage prescribed. I’m 23 now and have lost 40 pounds recently in hopes that it will help cure my GERD. I’m now at a lower weight than when I had started getting symptoms of my GERD, and I’m worried that I will have GERD the rest of my life even after the weight loss. I had already spoken to dietitions and changed my diet and done everything under the sun. I’m now considering speaking with my specialist about the Fundoplication surgery but am worried I might get denied as a canidate but I don’t want to live the rest of my life on medication. My grandpa passed away due to end stage E Cancer and my aunt has had GERD most of her life but just treats with medication. Hoping this is all caused by weight and isn’t due to hereditary reasons.

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