I am 47 years old.  I have had IBS-since I was in about 17 years old.  I almost got suspended from school one year for being late to class too many times.  Up until about a year ago I had IBS-D, and almost overnight it changed to IBS-C.  I am so miserable I could die sometimes.  I am taking Linzess, and it doesn’t work very well.  Sometimes I wait until the weekend and take laxatives to clean me out – since I know I will be home all day.  The bloating and gassy feeling is so bad sometimes it gets up in my chest. If I didn’t know what it was – I would prob. think I was having a heart attack.  I have an appt. w/a new gastro on June 20.  My old Gastro just keeps doing barium enemas to clean me out. Besides this, I also have Interstitial Cystits, terrible Migraines, and I have had laser surgery for endometriosis twice.  I work for my family right now, but they are going to be closing down their business soon, and I am so worried about getting a new job.  I don’t know of anyone who will hire me when I can’t come to work some days b/c of migraines or I am late b/c I have diarrhea, etc…… I am just so depressed.  Does anyone have any advice? 

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