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Aaron has made great strides to raise awareness and funds for IBS research. The first annual IBS 5K Run/Walk for Hope was held in Allentown, Pennsylvania in October of 2016. Thank you, Aaron.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can sometimes be a hopeless cause. Myself, along with other individuals I personally know, have struggled living with this diagnosis. There is no known cure, and it often seems to be brushed to the side since it is not a life or death condition. I know a handful of people who are misinformed about the root causes of IBS, along with lifestyle changes people need to make. So just imagine how many others are not knowledgeable on the subject. I have had people comment to me mistakenly thinking IBS is strictly a “mental issue.”

As my knowledge grew of IBS, I realized that here is a medical condition affecting millions of people, yet the voice is so small. So many people are suffering, but my research into “IBS charity events” found little to nothing. I believe all these patients need more attention, which is why I decided to create a charity event called the “IBS 5K Walk/Run for Hope” with proceeds going to the International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders (IFFGD) for further medical research.

This now annual event is a place where all are invited to support IBS awareness! The main mission of the event is to bring together a community of IBS patients and supporters to raise awareness and have fun! I want those with IBS to realize they have caring supporters behind them. The first event was located in Allentown, Pennsylvania in October of 2016. I had a few local businesses provide some gifts! The sponsors were CrossFit South Mountain, St. Luke’s Hospital, and Blendlife food truck. Staying healthy and fit is a way to help ease IBS symptoms, which is why all the sponsors fit into this.

I believe that having a good relationship with other people with IBS or even another health condition is a great way to ease stress. It provides the chance to talk to others experiencing the same everyday problems. My older sibling, and a person with IBS, has always been my go-to if I need to express any pain I’m experiencing, because he knows firsthand how I feel. I want to build together that community of people so we as patients have the feeling of knowing we are not the only ones out there with this and we have supporters behind us! Life can be hard and seem unfair at times, but if we have patients filled with perseverance and supporters making sure you get right up after you fall, then we cannot fail! 

To learn more about Aaron and his commitment to fundraising for IBS research, check out his Facebook page.

For more information about IBS, visit IFFGD’s website at

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