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I am 52 and I’m not sure how long I have had gastroparesis I had a very large hiatal hernia 2017 had a hernia surgery but got worse few months later found out gallbladder collapsed and hernia came back so I had another hernia surgery and gall bladder taken out so I called dr back after I got worse again and he started to say it was in my mind I wasn’t really sick he had fixed me so he done a scope and didn’t tell me it showed gastroparesis but my regular dr sent me yo a g I dr but it turned out it’s the one I saw in 2010 and I was diagnosed with gastroparesis Then and didn’t know then so then that dr sent me to another hernia dr in a another town and he said last dr made a mess and dine another surgery and I thought I was better Snd then January 2019 I got a gastric perforation. In my stomach from a prior procedure and almost died bled inside and passed out and was taken to er by ambulance And they performed emergency surgery and 4 blood transfusion s Snd a month in hospital but I survived barely and got feeding tubes 2 of them and I have had them every srnce now I deal with vitamindefencys Snd lowiron and severe dizziness and vomiting and constipation and diarrhea and severe stomach pain Snd nausea and my calcium stays low and teeth break a lot I also found it I have lupus and take medication for it there are sone days I don’t know how to get around I don’t hVd much energy no matter what vitamins or supplements I take I do think god has a plan for me so I’m not giving up he saved me in 2019 I thought u would die. But I woke up from emergency surgery Snd I fought hard to get better losing slot of blood I went a whole week before they knew I had a hole in my stomach. I think god has a plan for me and hes got me. I’m even raising my / grandsons out if the blue Snd that is very hard srnce I’m sick so much I hate not being able to eat food normally but if I eat I get super sick !so it’s not worth it I hope my story helps someone praying for anyone like me !!

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