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I am new to this forum, but exited to have found something where I can express my concerns as well as seek answers. My story is, back in June of 2020 in the middle of a growing pandemic, I experienced passing a kidney stone after which my constipation symptoms persisted. Then I contracted the Covid-19 virus July 2020. There, I continued to suffer with the constipation but alone with the constipation I’m starting to experience this weird lower left abdomen pain that gives off this sensation like something I’ve never felt. It’s almost compared to a creepy but painful feeling all in one. I can’t really describe it in another fashion. No pain meds work and it is really ruining my life. I’ve had a colonoscopy performed back in late 2020 no polyps were found. I also had fibroids removed still the pain continues. It’s like no doctor can help I’ve taken all sorts of laxatives from over the counter to prescription drugs nothing works. I’ve increased my fiber intake still no help. I’ve changed my diet nothing is helping me. I’m crying, pleading, and begging for help but it seems to fall on deaf ear. This condition also creates pains in my left leg sometimes as I’m unable to pass gas most of the time. I’m backed up I can’t enjoy eating, or entertaining, my sex life is pretty much over as I have no desire to do much of anything. I’m asking if anyone here have experienced something similar or know of anyone please reach out to me with answers and help as I am in desperate need of it. Thank you!!

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