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I had my first episode of gastric ulcer 7years ago ans with triple treatment, i was cured. Then this year 2024 around February, i noticed burning sensation around my chest which i thought was caused by anxiety after hearing a bad news. I thought it will go off any minute but the burning sensation continues, so i went to see a doctor and i was diagnosed of Non-Bleeding Peptic Ulcer with H.Plyroi negative. I was placed on PPI and Antacid which was doing much work until i ventured into prayers because my anxiety got worse couple with heart palpitation. This is the 8th week, the burning sensation has stopped, the anxiety has reduced, the only thing i feel now is bloated stomach, full stomach, loss of appetite and weight loss that i can’t explain, and fatigue and weakness i felt especially in the morning. I think GERD is the worst sickness ever known to man. I pray each and everyone of us get healed in Jesus name. Amen

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