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  Dear Sir;

                 My name is Sharadchandra​ S(Age 35)…I am suffering from health related disease since Jun’ 2006. My problem is that I suffered from the problem of stomach(abdominal) weakness due to which I m unable to take proper breathing due to lack of support from stomach.I suffered from tuberculosis in stomach at that time in june 2006 and heavy emotional stress also. After every stool or urination I feel extreme weakness in whole abdomen,I feel abdominal sinking feeling and abdominal contraction also at very inner level & due to this breathing get very difficult and I need to eat some solid food after every urination or stool to get relief. Due to this I am unable to follow proper day to day routine,i can’t go outside alone,i m completely depending on my family members,i hav been living my life as a patient from last 11 years.i m not living a normal healthy life… I m computer science graduate and worked in MNC in year 2005/2006. Now stomach seems very weak and hollow most of the time so that I am not even able to walk properly. My breaths are not proper and shallow.even I can’t breathe properly in every sitting or laying positions due to lack of internal muscles support of my abdomen & diaphragm…I can breathe only in certain sitting or laying down positions ….I am not at all able to tolerate emotions. I can’t watch TV or read news paper. I had done excessive masturbation in my early young age.even after nightfall I feel so much abdominal weakness and hollowness also. Please help and guide me so that I may lead a normal life and can follow my routine by my own. These mental symptoms,breathing problem and stomach problems are getting tough day by day. Doctors not able to diagnose the actual cause of my health problems.I m unable to travel out of the city to seek any medical treatment. Currently I am Taking homeopathy for hypothyroidism and adrenal hormones & for stomach problems. I am unable to take any allopathy medicine, I can’t eat vegitables like tomatoes,other citrus and iron containing foods bcz they aggravate my stomach weakness, muscular weakness in stomach & stomach hollowness  problem… Please help and guide Sir…


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