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I have suffered with chronic severe mental issues for 16 years. I’m 21 now. As of January 2020, I have been suffering severe abdominal pain associated with Functional Dyspepsia and IBS. Every day is like hell. I can barely fall asleep due to the immense pain I’m in. I feel severely depressed and worried about how long I will have to suffer. I was doing semi okay for about 3 months, with 6-7/10 pain daily, until it jacked up to 8/10 pain daily. I am on complete disabiity, I do not work or go to school or hang out with friends anymore. I am mostly bedridden due to the pain. My gastro doctor from UCLA told me its visceral hypersensitivity, and said that my depression is worsening my pain, but how can I not be depressed because of the pain levels I’m at? I’ve tried all sorts of diets, stress relief, exercise, laxatives, but my pain is persistent and doesn’t go away. I receive electric acupuncture which has helped me a lot, but I don’t want to keep on relying on something that can become expensive. I feel very alone and desperate with my pain. The only reason I’m still alive is for my mom and family. I do not sleep in my room because I feel alone. I don’t want to have to suffer all day everyday anymore. I’m only 21 years old, I just want my life back. I feel like I’m dying in a living body. The pain is immense and I’m suffering so much. I barely can eat anymore. No medications help. I really hope newer medications that target visceral pain come out soon, because I’m just in so much pain all day and I want help. Thank you for reading my story. 

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